November 25, 2012

Kolev - Panchenko

Atanas Kolev - Aleksander Panchenko
Toredembarra, 2004
This game was played in the last round of this modest tournament and I needed a win to become the champion. During the course of the competition I was looking at this particular line, because I knew it was Panchenko’s favourite, although I did not expect such circumstances. The last round was played in the morning and it is highly probable Panchenko thought I did not have enough time to prepare. He could not expect I had invested a lot of time in the previous 8 days into analysing his pet variation and the reward was sweet:  A devastating victory in only 10 min. of my time used during the game. I wanted to present the readers the whole body of work I had done 3 years ago, I had changed just a few lines, because I aimed to maintain the original analysis.

Kolev - Gurevich

Kolev Gurevich
Chicago Midwest Open 2011